Nowadays, rattan furniture is in great demand. Ask why? Because rattan is considered environmentally friendly, natural, and most importantly – durable material.

Rattan is a palm tree, which is a variety of lianas, and the length can reach 250 meters.

One of the main advantages of rattan is that it has the same width along the entire length and does not have knots. The furniture made from it, turns out strong enough and is capable to sustain heavy loads, but thus the product in itself is easy.

Many isotherics came to the conclusion that rattan has a sufficiently large bioenergetics. Rattan furniture can improve the mood, gives a feeling of cheerfulness to a person and raises immunity. Of course, the price of this kind of products is an order of magnitude different from conventional furniture, but the designer’s exclusive solution is worth it.

For example, if you want to create nothing like the interior of a summer cafe, then you should just look through the catalog of rattan furniture, and you can easily find a unique suitable option for yourself.

Rattan furniture is good because you should not think about assembling it, because it is simply not required. Products are light and can be transported without special problems.

The undoubted advantage of rattan is that it is possible to make almost any interior object – wicker table, rocking chair, swivel chair, phone tables, baskets, plant stands, ottomans and much more. This kind of material is perfectly combined with wood, glass, plastic, leather.

Sets made from rattan will perfectly complement your interior and easily fit into any interior solutions. They are practical and stylish, which means they can approach not only for rest, but also for work.

As mentioned earlier, rattan furniture is very strong, despite its lightness. An ordinary chair can withstand a load of up to five hundred kilograms, and this is already quite a lot. Furniture with ease will serve you for several decades. Rothang rightfully earned the title of a material that steadily tolerates any changes in temperature and humidity. Its strength is evidenced by the fact that in Asia rattles are weaved from rattan, and also used material in the construction of residential buildings.

The price of furniture depends only on what part of the product is made and how the fixing and processing method was used.