Wicker Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture from rattan with cushions.

One of the modern trends in interior design has long been the use of natural materials that make any interior as environmentally friendly and at the same time unusual and interesting. Natural eco-friendly furniture will undoubtedly become an ornament of any apartment or house, despite the dominant style in the interior.

Rattan furniture has long been recognized as one of the most used and beautiful types of natural furniture. Rattan – or rattan fiber – has several advantages over its competitors: it is a smoother, lightweight, flexible, durable material than, for example, a nut or bamboo. Such wicker furniture becomes more resistant to moisture, temperature changes, the passage of time and will allow you to keep your favorite interior items for a longer period.

The flexibility and strength of rattan as a material for creating furniture allows decorators to create from it even the most incredible designs. Heating rattan, it can be given any shape and braided hard metal structures that were prepared in advance. The result is a soft wicker furniture that can be used in cottages and apartments, gardens and terraces, restaurants and cafes. It can be absolutely any interior items: starting from the simplest tablescoffee tables and chairs, swivel chairs and rocking chairs and ending with intricate chests and even beds! Rattan furniture is so light that it is very easy to rearrange if you decide to do the cleaning indoors, whether it is an apartment or a cafe, or you want to make a cardinal rearrangement of the furniture in the room.


Among the trends in interior design, another trend has become relevant: the use of rattan in the decoration of individual furniture parts. For example, you decided to add a bit of tropical eclecticism to your interior – use small rattan panels for chests of drawers or wardrobes. They will give originality to your design and at the same time will be combined with the situation of almost any room.

Wicker rattan furniture successfully combines seemingly incompatible things – the ethnic eclecticism of tropical countries and modern design trends, which allows it to successfully fit in any room and any interior. Want to make the interior of your apartment or house original, but are afraid to lose such familiar comfort? Pay attention to rattan furniture – it will make your home cozy and stylish.