Wicker Furniture in Your Interior

Wicker furniture has a special charm, refinement, able to bring warmth and comfort to any interior, and at the peak of popularity nowadays.

Today, anyone who has acquired a new housing or office, among other possible options for the environment, and examines the network. Wicker rattan furniture looks great as garden patio furniture, as kitchen sets or dining sets, and in other rooms.

Wicker furniture is made from a wide variety of flexible natural materials – willows, reeds, lianas, vines, bamboo, and others. The main requirement is that the material must be both strong and flexible. Today rattan and willow are the most popular materials for making wicker furniture.

Wicker furniture is most popular among other types of wicker furniture. It is weaved from the shoots of an African liano-shaped palm – rattan, which grows in the tropical jungle. The assortment of wicker rattan furniture is quite wide: dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, swivel chair, rocking chair, coffee sets, armchairs,  loveseats. This is the most durable and durable furniture from all types of wicker furniture. It is painted white to give a touch of modernity, or is varnished for classic style and popping eco-style (a simple style in which natural elements predominate).

Pros of rattan furniture: can withstand heavy loads (for example, a chair can support a weight of up to 500 kg), high air humidity, small temperature changes.