Decorator Tricks for Living Room and More

Living room is one of all favorite rooms in the house. But in order to you, your family and guests feel comfortable, you need to properly arrange it.

Windows and Lighting
Living room should be well lit – it’s so much fun and it’s easier when you know few tricks. Certainly, it’s good when the windows are big. But if the windows are small, they need to be properly framed – to increase at least visually. We recommend to give preference to light, light curtains, which can also be easily removed and washed. A good option is a light tulle without assemblies. By the way, it is easy to wash. Choose artificial light sources carefully. The light should be soft and diffuse – it is provided by matt (moon) lamps. Milky light does not tire the eyes. But too bright lighting can cause headaches. Good for the living room floor lamps with lampshades. The light emitted by them is also soft and diffused.

Natural flowers
Flowers and plants in pots will bring comfort and beauty to the house. You can arrange bouquets in vases around the room, hang them on the walls of pots with loaches. It is proved that plants help to remove stress, purify the air in the house and even prevent the development of certain diseases. Indoor plants help and work (especially mentally), and relax.
Videoecologists believe that the colorful design of the living room, as well as a complete lack of decor, cause psychological discomfort. In such living room furniture you will not relax. The best option – natural colors and calm pictures. And if the wallpaper is monochrome, hang at least a couple of photos or a picture, then the eyes will not run in vain along the wall, trying to catch something, sending an alarm signal to the brain.
Violets perfectly clean air, long and beautifully blossom, increasing mood to owners. Well, when the house has aloe: from its leaves, you can prepare a medicine for a cold, stomach ulcers and even from aging.

Carpet gives warmth and comfort, but also accumulate dust.. And dust causes allergies.. And that’s why we need to take care of the carpets properly. Vacuum cleaners with wet cleaning function help to cope with dust. It is necessarily at least once a year to do carpet cleaning with steam, destroying ticks (this service is provided by dry cleaners). In synthetic floor coverings contain allergens, so it is better to give preference to natural carpets: they are, of course, more expensive, but it’s about the health of your home and family!

Photos in the interior of the living room soften the heart and soul in a difficult moment and even stimulate mental activity. Especially it concerns the pictures of children. British scientists have proved that contemplation in the photo of their children normalizes pressure, slows down breathing and noticeably relaxes.